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These are seasonal products. Take this opportunity to come to IKEA.

* Please accept our apologies as these seasonal items are subject to availability.
* Please note that not all products are available in all IKEA stores.
* Sale ends when we run out of stock.


Summer done right

Mark your calendar for the last few weeks of summer, because it’s time to join in on one of the most uniquely Swedish traditions you’ll ever come across: the crayfish party (or as we say, kräftskiva). Gather your friends and be prepared for messy boiled crayfish, bibs, silly paper hats and lanterns, schnapps, and a whole lot of drinking songs. And don’t forget to keep the next day free, because the better the party, the longer it stretches into the night.

KRÄFTOR frozen crayfish in dill brine

frozen crayfish in dill brine

¥ 2,490  Weight:1,000g

Boiled crayfish in brine with spices. NO NEED TO WORRY!
Crayfish populate both lakes, streams and oceans and are caught in Sweden since many centuries. There are different species with only small differences in appearance. The body is made up of segments of protecting shell and is commonly 10-20 cm in length. Its impressive claws are used both for hunting and for self-defence. But when opening a pack of KRÄFTOR (frozen crayfish in dill brine), there is no need to worry. Frozen crayfish do not pinch!

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients": Shrimp

RÄKOR MED SKAL Shrimps with shell, frozen MSC Certified

Shrimps with shell, frozen

¥790  Weight: 500g

RÄKOR MED SKAL (shrimps with shell) are caught in the depths around Greenland. The slow growth rate in these living conditions gives them a delicate taste and a firm texture. Swedes often eat shrimps as an evening dish, peeling while eating, or add them to an open sandwich with sliced egg, mayonnaise, black pepper, lemon and dill.

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients": Shrimp

KRÄFTSKIVA LYKTA Lantern for crayfish party

Lantern for crayfish party

¥ 349

A paper lantern with a moon motif for use when having a traditional Swedish crayfish party.

KRÄFTSKIVA FESTPAKET Crayfish party pack

Crayfish party pack


The most essential crayfish party accessories (4 persons);
crayfish hats, crayfish bibs, crayfish napkins, crayfish garland and songbooks.

LAX KALLRÖKT Smoked Salmon (Frozen)ASC Certified

Smoked Salmon, frozen

Weight: 200g / ¥425 per 100g

Frozen smoked salmon, preserving its nice flavor. You can enjoy various tastes by adding onions and salmon sauce, having it with toast or crackers, mixing it with boiled potatoes, spinach and pasta etc.

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients":Chum Salmon

BRÖDMIX FLERKORN Multigrain bread baking mix

Multigrain bread baking mix

¥599  Weight: 700g

Here is something for those who appreciate home-made bread but do not seem to find the time - the can't-fail BRÖDMIX FLERKORN (multigrain bread baking mix). Just add water, shake it well, pour on an oven-proof dish and put in the oven. Easy as pie!

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients":Wheat

PAJ OST Cheese pie

Cheese pie

¥499  Weight: 185g(37g×5)

A short-crust pastry with a balanced taste of ripened cheese and leek. Serve as a light lunch, on your smorgasbord or as a dinner side dish.

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients":Egg, Wheat, Milk, Margarine

OST PRÄST® Semi-hard cheese

Semi-hard cheese

¥690  Weight: 300g

A well-matured semi-hard cheese.Sweden is known as the world's leading consumer of cheese products, and hard cheese is generally preferred in the country.Semi-hard cheese, sliced thin with such a cheese slicer found in IKEA stores, is often served as an open-faced sandwich on toast or crispbread in Sweden. OST HERRGÅRD® (semi-hard cheese) is rich and strong in taste yet moderately bitter. If not for breakfast, try it on crackers with wine as a snack, or for cooking as a secret ingredient to give a rich flavor.

* Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients": Milk
* In this product, raw materials that can cause an allergy are not contained, but it is manufactured in a factory where Egg, Walnut are used. 

Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower Syrup

¥550  Weight: 500ml

An elder flower syrup with a refreshing taste. Mix with water or soda (1:6) as a table drink, or use as the base in different drinks.

* No specified allergenic ingredients are used.

lager beer 4,7 %

lager beer 4,7 %

¥349  Weight: 330ml
This is an alcoholic drink.

In 1463, at an official Stockholm Town Hall dinner, each guest had no less than 14.5 litres of beer on average! Why, you ask. Well, the food was salty and often rancid, there was no coffee or tea, milk only in the summer and the town water was undrinkable. Today, however, we drink beer simply because of its taste. The golden-coloured ÖL LJUS LAGER (lager beer 4,7 %) comes with a round taste and a well-balanced bitterness. Serve chilled with any kind of food.

* Please directly contact the store of purchase, when you have questions about allergens.

SNAPS CITRON & FLÄDER snaps with lemon & elderflower 38%

snaps with lemon & elderflower 38%

¥1,450  Weight: 500ml
This is an alcoholic drink.

Drinking snaps is a Swedish tradition since the 1500´s. Spices and herbs are combined to bring out the flavours of food and make the meal an unforgettable experience. SNAPS CITRON & FLÄDER (snaps with lemon and elderflower 38%) has a mild and harmonic, yet fresh and exciting, taste of lemon and elderflower. Serve ice-cold and discover new dimensions in your food!

* No specified allergenic ingredients are used.

* List of Ingredients designated "Specified Allergenic Ingredients"
Egg, Milk, Wheat, Buckwheat, Peanut, Seafood, Chum Salmon, Japanese Littleneck, Shrimp, Crab, Mackerel, Beef, Walnut, Soybean, Chicken Meat, Pork, Pine Mushroom, Dioscorea Japonica, Peach, Orange, Kiwi, Apple, Banana, Margarine, Gelatin